Working at LCP

LCP has an unparalleled reputation among the consultancies as a nice place to work.

Pensions Insight, Top 50 People in Pensions, January/February 2015

What will I do day to day?

As a firm, the work we do involves assessing the risks associated with future events and advising clients on how much money they should set aside now to be able to cover uncertain payments in the future and how that money should be invested. You’ll be involved in analysis and modelling to supply the answers and then communicating these to our clients in a way that's simple, clear and – above all – easy to understand. There are plenty of opportunities for client contact, right from early on in your career, whether by email, phone, or face-to-face at meetings or corporate events. You can find out more about what each of our teams does below and in the brochure and profiles on the right.

What areas can I work in?

You'll have the opportunity to join one of our four core departments covering our specialist areas:

  • Pensions - advising companies and trustees on their pension arrangements, including valuing and managing accumulated pension commitments, advising on risk mitigation options, carrying out calculations for individual members and advising on the impact of new legislation
  • Investment Consulting - advising pension scheme trustees and employers on the best strategy for their DB or DC pension scheme investments. We also advise charities and insurance companies on their investments. We search the market for the best investment managers to implement the chosen strategy, and monitor experience against our clients’ aims. Given the ever-changing economic environment, it is important that we stay up-to-date with the financial markets and how these could impact our clients
  • Insurance (London office only) - giving advice to general insurance companies on reserving and financial risk management, building models to calculate capital requirements, pricing insurance contracts and helping insurance companies implement Solvency II (a new reserving requirement)
  • Business Analytics and Financial Modelling (London office only) - this cutting-edge team specialises in developing models to help clients understand and develop solutions to complex problems in a range of business scenarios. Recently this team has been advising the government in relation to its electricity policy by modelling the UK energy market and quantifying the risk of blackouts. It also helps to develop the financial models used internally and externally by our pensions and investment departments

Everyone always has time to help, no matter how junior or senior! I've learnt so much thanks to the variety of work I've had and the excellent work and study support provided.

Dave, Pensions Actuarial, London