Pension Schemes Act 2021

Significant changes to the DB pensions world are afoot: a tougher Regulator, new funding rules, climate change action and dashboards. Stay up-to-date with LCP's insight hub where our technical experts cover the developing new requirements.Enter here

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Charting mortality trends: Navigating to your destination

Our latest longevity report aims to help trustees and sponsors of defined benefit schemes understand a key risk: how long members of their pension scheme are going to live.

This is becoming more important as DB pension schemes de-risk their investment strategies, and longevity becomes one of the key remaining uncertainties.

We summarise recent trends in mortality and how they might affect pension schemes, and take a look at what might happen in the future.

New thought leadership

The Virtuous Cycle: How insurance actuaries and boards can work together more effectively

Insurance actuaries and boards should work closely together to improve communication and break down technical barriers to create a ‘virtuous cycle’ that will help boost business decision making.

This report includes key insights from our interviews and survey, a best practice self-assessment guide that you can use in your own context, and a number of helpful resources including top tips, examples and key lessons for both boards and actuaries.

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