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Reviewing a fiduciary manager


Our client had appointed a fiduciary manager in 2011. The Trustees were happy with their decision, but sought some independent advice as the portfolio seemed very complex with many managers and high fees.

Our approach

We analysed the composition of the portfolio, the performance of the investments, and benchmarked the fees against alternatives. In addition, we informed the Trustees of the many developments in the fiduciary marketplace since the initial selection in 2011


Performance was shown to be generally good but fees were high in the context of the current market. We supported the Trustees in obtaining a substantial discount to the fee arrangement (reducing the base fee by 20%). We also helped the Trustees to define longer term objectives, which led to a reduction in risk through the implementation of a pensioner buy-in, and re-design of the fiduciary mandate for the residual assets. 

How we can help

Independent investment and manager advice

We help you make important investment decisions, and make sure that your investments are performing as you need them to.

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Fiduciary oversight

Fiduciary management is a hot topic, and has been a focus of the recent CMA review.  We ensure that clients fully understand the pros and cons, and help them to put in place the right arrangements for their needs

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