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We provide unconflicted advice on fiduciary solutions, to help ensure that your arrangements are appropriate for you, and provide you with value for money.

Fiduciary management has been a growing part of the investment landscape for pension schemes.  It involves delegating some of your investment decisions, such as asset allocation and fund selection, to an investment manager within the constraints that you set.

Outsourcing a greater amount of your investment decision-making can be attractive in order to free up trustee time to focus on other matters.  However, the costs may be higher than under “traditional” advisory arrangements, and fiduciary solutions may involve more complex underlying investments which could be difficult or expensive to unwind, leading to potential issues in future.

Fiduciary managers are conflicted when it comes to advising on the appropriateness of the fiduciary management for your scheme, and on selecting and monitoring the fiduciary manager.  An independent consultant can help trustees with these decisions.

How we can help

LCP does not offer fiduciary management.  We provide independent advice to over 300 pension schemes and are therefore ideally placed to help you understand the pros and cons of fiduciary management compared with other governance solutions.  As such we can provide an objective view on whether fiduciary management is appropriate for you, and if so help you select the appropriate manager from the wide range of approaches, and help you monitor your manager going forwards.

We provide ongoing fiduciary oversight to both pension schemes and charities (for both full and “partial” fiduciary arrangements), helping ensure that the fiduciary managers are performing in line with expectations, and helping our clients get the best value for money.

We believe that our independence and size means that we are ideally placed to provide clear, impartial advice on fiduciary arrangements, with a full understanding of the complex underlying strategies and the alternatives that are available to you.

How we have helped our clients

Fiduciary management training

Fiduciary management training

How we helped give our client an independent overview of their fiduciary management and an outline of the associated benefits.

Reviewing a fiduciary manager

Reviewing a fiduciary manager

How we helped our client analyse their portfolio to make sure they had the right fiduciary arrangements for their needs.

Our Fiduciary oversight experts

Meet the team

Fiduciary oversight

Fiduciary management is a hot topic, and has been a focus of the recent CMA review.  We ensure that clients fully understand the pros and cons, and help them to put in place the right arrangements for their needs

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