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David Salter

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I advise Trustees on a range of issues including funding, with a focus on helping schemes reach their ultimate long-term objectives.

I am also a member of LCP’s specialist Buy-in and Buy-out team and have been involved in a number of insurance transactions ranging from £5m to the £2.4bn buy-out of the Philips pension fund.

Myles Pink, Clive Wellsteed, Charlie Finch, Michelle Wright, David Salter, Dave Stewart are a good example of how a team enjoy their subject material.

Example, on the day after the PRA released guidance on Solvency II (prior to its implementation), a member of the LCP team rang us up to discuss the implications - no other de-risking team did that.

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Actuarial advice

We provide individual and high quality actuarial advice, taking a collaborative approach between trustees, employer and advisers, to ensure a focus on good member outcomes.

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Buy-ins, buy-outs and longevity swaps

We are market leaders at each stage of de-risking, including planning, investment strategy, transactional services and wind up.

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Pensions strategy

We work closely with our clients to understand their pension scheme objectives and implement effective and creative strategies to achieve them.

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