Investment Survey 2018


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Behind the scenes: Are investment managers delivering on their responsible investment claims?


Responsible investment may be something you expect your investment managers to be doing as part of the service you pay them for - indeed, most managers will say they consider ESG factors and exercise voting rights. But, when we scratch beneath the surface, it is clear that there is a huge range between best and worst practice in this area.

Every two years, we carry out an in-depth survey of investment managers about responsible investment. There were 120 respondents to our latest survey, including nearly all the major institutional investment managers in the UK.

Overall, 8% of respondents achieved the top score and 20% received the bottom score (on a four-point scale). However, we are seeing clear signs of improvement and we’re delighted that many managers are proactively asking to discuss responsible investment with us.

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Access all our thinking on responsible investment

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