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We help sponsors of pension schemes understand and manage the costs and risks associated with supporting their current and legacy pension schemes as well as other employee benefits.

We work with key individuals across Finance and HR departments to ensure that the benefits provided to current employees are relevant and appropriate, and that the pension benefits promised to previous employees are paid.

As part of this, companies need to develop a long-term strategy to secure their pension scheme in a stable and capital efficient way that is fair to employees, pension scheme members and shareholders.

Accounting for Pensions 2019 - May report

Accounting for Pensions 2019 - May report

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With the FTSE 100 maintaining their pension accounting surplus, it is time for companies to embark on the next stage of their pensions journey.

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Every company is different and there is no one size fits all solution to the pensions and benefits puzzle. Helping employers develop clear guiding principles makes the development and implementation of a pensions strategy far more effective and efficient. Keeping the pension scheme trustees on board is one of several critical success factors that we pay particular attention to.

We work closely alongside companies to make sure the advice we give meets both your short-term and long-term goals within wider business objectives. We help you manage costs, pension risk and volatility in a way that aligns with your business strategy, providing comfort to key stakeholders like your Board, regulators and analysts, ultimately ensuring pensions do not harm your credit rating, reputation or share price.

We ensure that your ongoing statutory pensions duties and compliance exercises are done quickly, efficiently and accurately – for example your IAS19, FRS102 or US GAAP accounting figures and disclosures – so you can focus your time and resources on the things that will benefit your business the most.

We take pride in ensuring that our advice is clear and communicated in plain English to help you make difficult decisions for your business in what is a complex and rapidly evolving technical area.

Our team have a proven track record of providing focused and commercially valuable pensions advice. Our specialists work alongside our wider pensions advisory teams to ensure that the advice we provide has been considered from all angles and that it focuses on the key areas of significance for you.

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We help trustees understand and monitor the employer covenant.

Whether to enter a DB Consolidator is a complex decision. Sponsors and Trustees must be sure it is the right decision for their scheme and its members. We can help.

We help you get the best value out of your DC scheme and ensure the best possible outcomes for members. 

We help you understand and report on pensions obligations and risks.

We provide real time global consulting advice, with a single point of contact, through our team of international experts and our global network of partner firms

Liability management exercises can be an effective way for pension scheme sponsors to manage costs and risks, whilst also providing valuable options and information to pension scheme members.

We provide expert practical advice on the pensions issues involved when buying or selling businesses.

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