A new world:
Employee Benefits in entertainment, travel and hospitality

Our viewpoint

With worldwide changes in recent years, few sectors have been more affected than entertainment, travel and hospitality. This isn’t just related to the Covid pandemic – with climate change impacts, social justice movements and highlighted risks for casual and freelance workers, these industries have a range of challenges to focus on. With those challenges also come opportunities to drive change.

Watch this on-demand webinar as Holly Copley, Head of Funding and Investment at British Airways Pension Services Ltd, Janice Turner, founding Co-chair of the Association of Member-Nominated Trustees, and LCP’s Aaron Punwani focus on tackling these issues in the context of employee benefits

Topics for discussion included:

  • How businesses are responding to changes in staff and consumer behaviour and the future opportunities this provides
  • What should be on the agenda for pension scheme trustees and employers
  • How trustees and individuals can use their influence in positive ways and to initiate wider change
  • What may be on the horizon

This webinar focusses on learnings and opportunities in the entertainment, travel and hospitality sectors. It is relevant for anyone involved in the provision of member benefits including trustees, sponsors and employers.


1 hour (including Q&A)

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Staying ahead of the curve

Staying ahead of the curve

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