How can we
expect the de-risking market to develop in 2020 and beyond?

Our viewpoint

Access this webinar on-demand to to hear how a year of record-breaking volumes and defining transactions might affect your scheme. 

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Length: 45 minutes

This webinar covers the following questions; 

  • Whether the market will continue to be dominated by mega deals?
  • Are current volumes sustainable and what might be the impact on pricing?
  • What impact (if any) is there likely to be on the longevity swap market?
  • How can small schemes avoid being crowded out of the market?
  • What's the outlook for 2020 and beyond?

Make sure you take a listen to hear our latest views and insights on pension buy-ins and buy-outs and our predictions for 2020 and beyond.

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Are we at the tipping point?

Are we at the tipping point?

Pensions de-risking report

With the market at a tipping point, the key question is whether pension plan demand could outstrip the available insurance capacity for the first time in 2019.

Download the 2019 report