LCP’s 2017 CSR round up:
cakes, haircuts and kips out

Our viewpoint

LCP has always cared. It is in embedded in our values, evident in our approach to business and a priority for our client care. In 2016, we formalised it with our LCP CARES initiative, and this year, we truly lived it.

In 2017 we set about, fundraising, running, painting, cleaning, and everything in between to ensure that 2017 was a year to remember in our CSR efforts. And indeed our fundraising and volunteer efforts have known no bounds. From classic bake sales and Valentines silent auctions, to accompanying elderly community members on a day trip to Eastbourne, we did 20 fundraising events in house and more than 344 hours volunteering outside of the office. On a personal note, in October, Stephen and I took part in a sleep-out to raise money for WLM Seymour Place which turned out to be our single biggest fundraising event of the year.

Armed with a sleeping bag and some cardboard, we spent the night outside St James’ Church in Piccadilly. We didn't get much sleep - there was constant noise from cars, people, police sirens and what seemed like a never ending number of rubbish trucks. It was a stark reminder of what some of our community faces every night. We hoped to raise some awareness and critical funds for WLM Seymour Place. We are proud to say we collected £10,659, contributing to an amazing overall total of £26,621.65.

Our efforts didn’t stop at volunteering and fundraising. Environmentally, 2017 has been a year of more change. Our marketing materials are going digital wherever possible. In 2010, our Accounting for Pensions report was 80 pages long and we printed 5,500 copies. In 2017, it was 48 pages long and we printed just 500 copies. In our London and Winchester offices we have introduced an internal policy and approach to ensure we are recycling at least 70% of our waste. When interacting with our clients, we always, where possible, go paperless and encourage those we work with to do the same.

As our LCP CARES initiative continues to develop, and our commitment to our corporate social responsibilities continues to grow, I look forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for LCP as we think of different ways to contribute to valuable causes.

My sleeping bag is at the ready.