Can pension schemes learn something from populist politics?

Our viewpoint

From the UK’s Brexit vote to Donald Trump’s election as US president, and perhaps to the elections in Germany and other European states this year, populism is becoming an explanation for the unexpected, driving sensational and unforeseen outcomes.

Meanwhile, pension policy-makers responsible for millions of our individual outcomes in later life stress the importance of “adequacy” of retirement incomes. How do you feel about striving to deliver something that’s only adequate? More importantly, what’s the chance of encouraging your employees to save with a dream outcome that’s...[drum roll]…adequate? Setting aside the politics, some might say that UK pensions need a dose of populism.

Join us and our guest speakers on Wednesday 22 March 2017 at our Annual DC Conference to embrace the ideas that will mobilise your population of pension savers.

Our conference will equip you to interrogate your DC scheme in all areas, including:

  • Is your DC investment strategy working hard enough for your pension savers, and will it in a new era?
  • What will new legislation and policy mean for your scheme - auto-enrolment review, pensions dashboard, transparency of charges…?
  • What do pension savers think about what you are offering? Let’s hear direct from them.
  • Adequacy or excellence - where do you want to set your pension strategy, and how do you make it work?
  • The power of a brand – why you need to build one for your scheme.