Tom Lambert

Tom Lambert

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I’m Tom and I specialise in developing bespoke technology and data analytics solutions for my clients.

With expertise in DC investment, I enjoy working with clients to develop investment strategies that deliver strong outcomes for members when they draw their benefits and it’s this experience that enables me to build solutions that help, rather than hinder, the decision making and design process.

I love working with big data, and all that we can learn from it. When we analyse the HR data you hold, we can begin to design financial wellbeing programmes that truly enable your employees to take control of their financial futures, so that they can focus on being the best they can be for your organisation.

I am a key member of the LCP Horizon development team and am passionate about ensuring we keep pushing the boundaries to guarantee the tool remains innovative and market leading.

How I can help

Your most important asset is your employees, so it’s vital you look after their financial health to boost the success of your business.

We help you get your investment strategy right to ensure good member outcomes in your DB and DC schemes.

LCP Horizon is a one stop solution to meet your governance, communications and investment needs; enabling you to take effective, measurable actions to help your members.

We develop innovative and intuitive technology to help our scheme trustees and sponsors make better investment and funding decisions around their pension strategy.

We help our clients identify technological and data led solutions to solve the issues they face. From risk modelling for pension clients to providing insight to the energy market, we use the latest cutting-edge technology to help clients make better and more informed business decisions.