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I joined LCP in 2000 and provide pensions advice to both companies and pension plan trustees with particular focus on strategic advice and longevity de-risking.

I jointly set up LCP's award-winning buy-in, buy-out and longevity swap practice in 2006 and have since helped many clients to design and implement buy-ins and buy-outs to reduce longevity risk. Transactions range from £10m to over £3bn including some of the most innovative in the UK such as for the ICI and Philips pension funds.

Advising from a strategic level right down to execution requires a wide range of skills – funding, investment strategy and a deep understanding of the de-risking markets. I find nothing is more rewarding than helping clients achieve meaningful steps and delivering results that exceed their expectations.

What clients say about me

  • "I want to thank you and your LCP colleagues for your excellent work in achieving this outcome. Your professional, calm and considered approach to managing the project and reporting to the Steering Group and the Board has been greatly appreciated."
  • "Your project management has been impeccable, and there is simply no way we could have achieved anything like what we have without it."

The buy-in process we have recently concluded required patience and tact to accommodate all the concerns and views of the various trustees. All steps in the process were explained simply and additional advice/explanation given when asked for...often repeated but without any judgement.

LCP Trustee Client

Our latest thinking

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How I have helped our clients

ICI: a £10bn de-risking blueprint

How we helped one of the largest DB pension plans in the UK, ICI Pension Fund, progressively insure their longevity risk using innovative umbrella contracts

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How I can help

Buy-ins, buy-outs and longevity swaps

We are market leaders at each stage of de-risking, including planning, investment strategy, transactional services and wind up.

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