LCP’s Foundation donates £50,000 to six charities

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The LCP Foundation has given £50,000 to six charities that are providing valuable support and making a difference to those impacted by a variety of issues, particularly in these challenging times.

The Foundation - which also matches funds raised by colleagues raising money for good causes - asked staff and partners across the firm to vote for six charities they wanted to benefit from direct grants totalling £50,000. This figure was split amongst the six charities in line with their share of the votes.

The charities receiving donations this year are:

Mental Health Foundation works to improve mental health in the UK, through research, campaigning and innovative projects. The donation will be used to support the Peer Education Project, a secondary school syllabus that provides five mental health literacy lessons with the aim of giving students the skills and knowledge to safeguard their mental health and support their peers.

Generating Genius works to ensure that talented and able students from BAME backgrounds are positioned to excel in STEM careers. The donation will be used to support 22 more A-level students within their Uni Genius programme.

Missing People offers a lifeline for the c180,000 people who go missing each year and also provides support for their family and friends. More people are expected to go missing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the donation will be put towards the ongoing running costs of the charity.

Blueprint for all work with young people, communities and organisations to create an inclusive society where everyone’s skills, talents and perspectives are respected and valued, regardless of their background.  The donation is expected to be used to ensure the programmes offered are as far reaching as possible.

SCRATCH serves those suffering poverty, hardship and disadvantage across Hampshire.  SCRATCH's old delivery van was stolen at the start of this year, so the donation will be used to towards the cost of a new delivery van to enable them to deliver essential items to many in need.

Rose Road provides services for 300 disabled children and young people from across Hampshire. The donation will be used to provide families with more respite hours and nights. 

Edward Symes, Chair of the Foundation Committee, commented,

“One of the pillars of LCP’s CSR policy is to contribute to the wellbeing, prosperity and health of the wider world and that’s why the LCP Foundation was established. We are delighted to be able to give £50,000 to these amazing charities that support the causes that our people feel passionate about. ”