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LCP partners Cat Drummond, Tom Porter, Ken Willis and Luke Hothersall have all been named in the Top 100 Executive Allies in LGBT Great’s flagship Project 1000 campaign published today.

The purpose of the campaign is to spotlight 1000 LGBT+ allies working in the industry that demonstrate support to others, as well as to celebrate this year’s Pride 2020.

LGBT Great aims to shine a light on LGBT+ representation and allies within the investment and savings industry and all chosen executives have displayed inspirational support to the allyship.

Cat Drummond is Co-Chair and Founder of LCP’s LGBT+ network and was named as a top 50 executive in LGBT Great’s #50for50 campaign last year. Luke Hothersall sits on the network’s committee. Tom Porter is a member on LCP’s People Co, which aims to help create a culture which reflects people’s priorities, needs and values. Ken Willis is a Partner Champion for LCP’s LGBT+ Network, providing internal and external support and allyship.

Daniel Jacobson, Founder and Co-Chair of LCP’s LGBT+ Network, commented:

“LGBT Great’s Project 1000 campaign is a fantastic program. It recognises the importance of having inspirational people, both those who identify as LGBT+ and those who are allies, in the savings and investment industry. These people empower and support our LGBT+ friends and colleagues and continue to challenge the prejudice faced by many. The Top 100 Executive Allies initiative is an excellent way to mark this year’s Pride season, which for all of us, is a very different one to those that have gone before. I am delighted that that Cat, Luke, Ken and Tom have been recognised for their hard work, allyship and visible support of LCP’s LGBT+ Network and for their commitment in encouraging and developing people regardless of their sexual identity and orientation, gender identity, race, religion or background.”

Jill Ampleford, partner and co-chair of LCP’s Diversity and Inclusion Group, added:

“It’s exciting to see the increasing momentum and firm-wide support of initiatives that further inclusion and diversity across LCP and, as part of this, the well-deserved recognition of the efforts by Cat, Tom, Ken and Luke, as a Top 100 Executive Ally. LCP’s partner champion initiative involves our partners making a commitment to support one of our four Networks - LGBT+, Women’s, Multicultural and Wellbeing - and making an individual commitment to challenge barriers to inclusion internally and externally. Allyship is something that sits at the heart of our D&I programme.”

Award-winning advice

Award-winning advice

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