How the life sciences
sector can address the greatest health challenges and reduce inequalities


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Health is one of our most untapped opportunities for prosperity and happiness, as both individuals and society. Yet these opportunities are not shared equally. The life sciences sector has a unique opportunity to actively reduce health inequalities.

We outline two key challenges facing society where the life sciences sector can make significant contributions to reducing inequalities. The first challenge is more people living with multiple conditions, the second is aligning financial incentives around patient and population health.

Throughout our report, we look at the drivers of inequalities across the medicine life cycle, envisioning what success looks like and sharing practical actions that could help achieve this vision. We explore the areas of pre-medicine approval, market access, post-approval, and the role of life science companies as employers.

By transforming health systems from importers of illness to exporters of health, we can make sure that health is prioritised as an asset, ultimately providing opportunities to individuals, societies and economies.

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What’s inside the report?

  • Drivers of health inequalities across the medicine life cycle
  • What success looks like – creating a health system with equity at its core
  • Feasible actions the life science sector can take to help contribute positive change

How we can help

Multimorbidity, living with two or more conditions is one of the biggest challenges facing patients and health systems today. We leverage real world datasets and innovative approaches to generate evidence that identifies patient groups with the greatest unmet needs in a more holistic manner that reflects the drivers of ill health.

The majority of health systems use activity-based payments providers but this does not ensure patient and population health is at the heart of all decisions. We work with payers and providers to design and implement innovative reimbursement solutions that realign incentives to deliver value to patients and the wider health system.

Our work across population health analytics brings clarity to decision makers with the dual aim of improving the population’s health and reducing inequalities.

We integrate a wealth of health and health-related datasets and develop bespoke interactive visualisations to make it accessible and rapid for clients to glean insights across a range of areas.