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LCP SpotLight gives you real-time metrics on your investments – both at asset class and manager level.

We think up-to-date information is simply more useful. So we built LCP SpotLight to help us give better advice and help you make more informed investment decisions.

LCP SpotLight

How we can help

LCP SpotLight is our new approach to performance monitoring which lets you see, over any time period, compared to any benchmark or to any other manager, what’s going on in your pension scheme. With LCP SpotLight you can:

  • See real time risk and return profiles of asset classes and monitor investment manager performance
  • Analyse up-to-date metrics to understand how your assets are performing in real-time
  • Get invaluable insights immediately after critical market events like the Brexit vote or the US Elections
  • Answer questions like, “would we have been better off selecting another fund manager last year?” or “would we have been better off staying with our previous manager?”
  • Evaluate how well your strategy and managers are working so you can take advantage of opportunities, or take early, corrective action if necessary

It is always fun to have "wow" moments in client meetings and LCP SpotLight generated most of those for me in 2016.

Richard Murphy, Partner at LCP

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