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Cloud Benefits

Cloud Benefits is a flexible, powerful tool to help increase the effectiveness of your employee benefits.

It brings together everything you need for simple and effective management of your benefits, whilst engaging with your employees - all in one place.

Cloud Benefits provides both the employer and the employee with a powerful dashboard of benefits modelling tools. 

LCP Cloud Benefits

LCP Cloud Benefits helps HR, Reward and payroll teams:

  • Manage and administer your benefits and pension, using a single platform
  • Get instant oversight into your benefits offering, via a flexible dashboard and single log-in
  • Measure the effectiveness of your offering in a flexible and segmented way, without increasing administration
  • Measure return on investment, making it easy to demonstrate HR project successes to key stakeholders
  • Increase employee engagement by providing a well communicated, value-adding, flexible benefits strategy and an accessible tool for them to use.

LCP Cloud Benefits helps your employees:

  • Understand more about their benefits choices and value
  • Benefit from increased flexibility and choice
  • Access everything they need to know via the same platform with a single log-in

LCP Cloud Benefits has been developed in-house with our clients and their employees in mind, so we can personalise it to your needs. We believe in helping our clients to be more efficient so they can focus on what will really make a difference to their employees.

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