LCP Vista 7
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"The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist sees the hole" Oscar Wilde



We want to help our clients look for the opportunities, even in times when we can be easily distracted by the negatives. Our latest investment thinking does exactly that, and will hopefully help you look at investing with a different perspective - whether that be in your portfolio, the investment industry or the wider market.

Ideas and views in this edition of LCP Vista

  • Platform lending: the future of investing?

  • Insurance-linked securities: is insurance the best policy?

  • There’s still room for improvement in responsible investment

  • What next for investment consultants?

  • Is the FCA announcement finally the end of the story in revealing transaction costs?

Also inside - our experts provide their views on markets and macroeconomic outlook, we take a look at the sponsor's perspective and look at how else LCP is helping its clients.

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How we can help

Our team works with trustees and sponsors of pension schemes to help them maximise their investment returns, while ensuring risk is well managed.

We help you understand and meet governance requirements.

LCP Sonar, our risk profiling tool, benchmarks your scheme against other pension schemes, covering covenant, funding and investment risks. You can quickly see how your scheme’s risk profile compares to others and think about the key risks for you.

We identify and research investment managers that can generate the performance our clients expect.

We help our clients understand and implement responsible investment principles.