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Thomas A. Edison said "to have a great idea, have a lot of them".

Our investment team has certainly come up with some fascinating ideas recently. Many of these are applicable to a wide range of different investors; others are a little more esoteric, but hopefully show the breadth of our research.

Ideas and views in this edition

  • Emerging markets - why they aren't broken

  • Real yields hit all-time lows, where to from here?

  • Real assets - our pick 'n' mix approach

  • Illiquids in DC

  • Trend following - chasing returns

  • Convertible bonds - heads I win, tails I don't lose

Also inside - our experts provide their views on markets and macroeconomic outlook, climate risk, buy-ins and the new investment guidance from The Pensions Regulator. Our content round-up includes topical thinking on liability-driven investment and investment funds.

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