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We’re independent, so we don’t sell products, or a “one size fits all” pensions strategy.

We just give you the best possible advice.  We work closely with our clients to understand your objectives and goals (both short term and long term), and put together creative solutions to achieve them.  We only suggest things that are designed to help you meet your goals.

How we help sponsoring employers

Helping employers agree and work within clear pension principles makes getting things done far more effective and efficient – and it also helps keep pension scheme trustees on board with your pensions journey planning. We work closely alongside companies to make sure the advice we give meets both short term and long term goals within wider business objectives, and ultimately help reduce pension risk and volatility.

We focus time and resources on the things that will benefit your business the most, whether that be saving money, reducing risk and volatility, or ensuring your ongoing pension offering is aligned to your wider corporate principles.  We take real pride in ensuring that our strategy advice is totally clear and communicated in plain English to help you make decisions for your business in what can sometimes be a complex technical area.

For a joined up pensions strategy around the world, we can advise on pension and post-retirement commitments in any jurisdiction through our international practice and network of partner firms. This flexible structure allows you to access experts local to your business whilst ensuring global principles are maintained and liaising with a single point of contact.

How we help trustees

Whatever your objectives, we’ll help you put together a strategy to make them reality. Our broad experience means we can suggest innovative funding, investment and de-risking ideas that are designed to help you secure member benefits. Our clients value the clarity of our advice, which makes it easy for trustees to take ideas to the scheme sponsors. And we’ll help you communicate any changes to your members so that they understand them and can take any action necessary.

We’ll help you communicate and negotiate with the scheme sponsor in a constructive and collaborative way when it comes to agreeing pension principles, or making any changes to the scheme, providing you with all the information and support you need to ensure the best possible outcomes for members.

How we have helped our clients

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Our latest thinking

Future Pensioner

Education, Savings, Technology and Future Landscape are fundamental themes that will continue to play a hugely significant role in shaping pensions that are fit for the future…

30 July 2018

How we can help

Integrated risk management

We help clients identify, manage and monitor pensions risks in an integrated way.

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International pensions consulting

We provide real time global consulting advice, with a single point of contact, through our team of international experts and our global network of partner firms

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Pensions consulting for companies

We help companies navigate through the complexity of pensions provision.

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Pensions consulting for trustees

We help trustees achieve their strategic goals, with solution-led, appropriate advice.

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Pensions scheme internal audit

We help with pension scheme internal audit which ensures operational processes are fit for purpose. We also advise on the potential impact of IORPII for UK pension schemes, including the governance, risk management and other implications.

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Pensions tax

We help you to understand the impact of pension tax changes.

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Risk and liability management

We help companies manage and mitigate their pensions risks and costs.

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