Season 3 Episode 25:
The battery era

Our viewpoint

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This week we speak to Gurpal Ruprai, Consultant in our Energy Consulting Team, about all things batteries – the thesis, the impact of 2021 and current events, and what the future could hold for battery storage investment.

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We discuss:

  • Different types of battery storage
    • Longer durations (4 hours) focussed on balancing prices: bulk transferring energy from points of low demand to points of high demand: they sell back when prices are high, and charge when prices are low
    • Shorter durations (0.5-2 hours) focussed on frequency response markets, which help keep the system ticking on – eg avoiding your lights flickering because the frequency had dropped
  • Why recent trends of high gas prices have led to elevated returns in 2021 and this year so far – returns of maybe 19%+ pa
  • The impact of the climate transition and why greater reliance on renewable energy sources means a greater role for batteries – demand expected to double as a result, indicating sustained future returns in these markets
  • But the countereffect of significant battery production in flooding the market and lowering potential investment returns (though this is still a few years away)
  • Why it can make sense to “co-locate” – positioning batteries where renewable sources of energy are captured
  • The widening of battery storage owners, from a starting point of the large energy producers to a more diverse range including investment managers
  • What investors can expect in the future: potentially similar to the trend seen in wind farm markets, with immediate high returns, which may then trend down to a lower but less volatile return profile
  • The next year: high energy prices to continue (batteries well placed to capture these), but not at the same levels as the past winter (coal generators to be decommissioned this year – which had previously been setting the highest prices)

What's one thing to take away

It’s complicated! And very hard to define what a “normal year” looks like – so past experience is absolutely not a good indicator of future returns.

The most underappreciated thing?

Level of possible cannibalisation in this market – there’s a lot of interest in building batteries (not just for this purpose) – which is a real risk to returns.


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Webinar: Has 2021 changed the outlook for battery storage investment?

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