LCP strategic portfolio
January 2022

Our viewpoint

Welcome to the latest update for the LCP strategic portfolio for UK defined benefit pension schemes.

Inside you will find the latest thinking from our investment strategy team and specialist asset class researchers.

In this edition we focus on:

  • The introduction of a new allocation to infrastructure debt in the portfolio. This asset class currently offers attractive yields of around cash +5%, backed by secure contractual income and underlying assets that are resilient to high inflation.
  • Reflections on 2021 and some key decisions that we made that have had a positive impact on performance and risk management for the portfolio. Already, 2022 looks to be a potentially challenging year to navigate but we look forward to uncovering more investment opportunities as the year unfolds.

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Raising the bar

Raising the bar

Insights from our 2022 Responsible Investment survey

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear highlights and key actions from our 2022 Responsible Investment survey.

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