Your de-risking journey –
How to find a safe landing

Our viewpoint

With schemes maturing and buy-ins, buy-outs and longevity swaps regularly in the press, it may come as a surprise that fewer than 30% of DB pension schemes over £1bn, and even fewer small schemes, have taken their first step to hedge longevity.

This leaves a huge amount of longevity risk to be addressed as schemes head towards their long-term target, whether that be buy-out, self-sufficiency or transfer to a superfund.

Watch our on-demand webinar to equip yourself with a practical, five step strategic plan, tailored to the size of your scheme and where you are on your journey.

Our experts, Charlie Finch, Imogen Cothay and Tom Farrell share the highlights from our latest de-risking report, including the latest market insights, our projections for the next decade and actions trustees and sponsors should be taking now to make sure they’re ahead of the game.


45 minutes (including Q&A)

Watch our on-demand webinar