Annual Risk &
Capital seminar 2021

Our viewpoint

Watch our on-demand webinar where we discussed the latest developments for risk & capital teams, climate change, and how to build an effective culture for your team.

With more changes on the horizon for insurers, our annual Risk and Capital seminar explores what these mean for the industry, your firm and your team.

This year, we are also delighted to be joined by former CEO of MS Amlin, Tom Clementi, to share insights on building an effective culture for your firm. 

The seminar focuses on three key topics:  

What are the latest developments for risk and capital teams? 

  • An update on industry trends 
  • Modelling and managing inflation risk 

Are you ready for climate change? 

  • Practical examples of how insurers are responding to climate change risk 
  • Preparing for the new climate change reporting requirements by the end of 2021 and setting your long-term strategy 

How can you build an effective culture for your team?

  • The essential role of culture for successful insurers 
  • 2022 and beyond – key challenges and how to prepare for them 

Watch our on-demand webinar