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This week on Investment Uncut, show hosts Dan Mikulskis and Mary Spencer learn how to be a deliberate amateur with Sally Bridgeland.

Key takeaways:

  • Sally has been a consultant, an actuary, chief-exec of an asset owner and now has a wide range of non-exec roles on the boards of a number of different asset owners giving her a fascinating perspective over the investment chain
  • The two principles of Reiki –
    • Just for today, don’t get angry
    • Just for today, don’t worry
  • Everything has to come together for big beneficial changes to happen – it’s like the growth of cycling in the UK
  • The difference between asset manager and asset owner perspective is purpose
  • Something to be done on asset manager remuneration - to align timelines
  • Sally’s role as the champion as the “so what” - The question at the board table is always: so what or what should we do about it?
  • Why the first stage of procrastination can be asking for more training
  • Attitude in a board meeting matters - how intellectual one-upmanship around the board table is all too common and can hold boards back
  • Why numbers are just 20% of the advice – it’s how you present it. Its how you go about solving problems, how you think about problems, not just technical knowledge, impact of advice can be improved by considering culture
  • Sally’s core advice: be a deliberate amateur (have the humility to admit you don’t know everything)
  • We discuss the changing role of diversity on boards over Sally’s time in the industry
  • The importance of personality types around the table in making decisions that stick
  • Role of a good chair:
    • Recognise the “first mover / first speaker” advantage so go round the table in way that is helpful
    • Use the 80/20 rule and try and get consensus on the 80% that everyone agrees with (people will always tend to focus their airtime on what they disagree with)
    • Make the committee process like pushing water downhill – airing concerns in advance and hearing them out
  • The big trends in investing over recent decades:
    • Diversification away from U
    • Liability driven investing
    • Responsible investment
    • The things that have bigger commercial gains get traction quicker
  • The one area Sally wishes she had appreciated sooner – old age care, matters massively to pensioners, but is unsustainable in the current system

One thing to takeaway

  • Keeping a sense of perspective and purpose, and a lot of that is timeframe. What’s going to make a difference in 5, 10 years’ time and trying to anticipate that now

Most under appreciated thing about investing?

  • The emotional side of investing – not getting too downhearted or overconfident. Nobody knew the future anyway


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