Sir Steve Webb
quizzes LCP experts on superfunds

Our viewpoint

Sir Steve Webb quizzes two LCP experts on pension scheme superfunds

Here you'll find two videos, each spending 10 minutes with two of LCP’s experts on superfunds.

Sir Steve quizzes Sarah Lossin on how corporates might view this new solution for pension schemes and then with Sam Jenkins from the trustee perspective.

In this video - a corporate perspective:

  • What a superfund is and how it compares to an insured buy-out solution
  • The range of end-game options available for schemes at the moment
  • The types of schemes most suitable for a DB superfund
  • How a sponsor might look to persuade its scheme's trustees that a transfer to a superfund is in the best interests of members
  • How company boards are likely to view this new solution

In this video - a trustee perspective:

  • The types of schemes which are most suitable for a transfer from a trustee perspective
  • How scheme members might view a superfund transfer
  • How the first transfers will be regulated
  • How trustees can prepare for a transaction (and what due diligence they may undertake)
Is a Consolidator right for your DB pension scheme?

Is a Consolidator right for your DB pension scheme?

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