Episode 18:
Inflation with Jon Camfield

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On this episode, show hosts Dan Mikulskis and Mary Spencer are joined by Jon Camfield who brings up to speed on the complicated story of reform of inflation measures in the UK, RPI, vs CPI and more.

They discuss - 

  • The current consultation, responses for which are due in August could see a prompt change – the big question is whether this will be from 2025 or 2030. Markets are pricing some but not all of a change.
  • Why September is a key month for inflation
  • We see potential for negative inflation into August / September (if inflation did go negative, it might make the idea of negative interest rates make more sense)
  • how to measure inflation when no-one is buying the normal things and you can’t even buy a pint in the pub
  • Why we bigger moves in inflation could be on the cards as measurement re-starts in the usual way
  • Could airfares and pints in the pub drop out of the inflation basket
  • What it all means for individual investors and larger pension schemes. Although inflation might be falling in the short term, it’s medium to long term inflation that is more important for investors. And this might be higher.
  • What inflation hedging schemes could be doing to update their hedges
  • UK inflation vs. other countries

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