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Access this webinar on-demand for a discussion on several pension and investment case studies sharing what companies have done in practice in relation to Covid-19, why they have done it, and what they are considering doing next.

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Companies that sponsor pension schemes have an extra issue to deal with as part of the current crisis. Many will be working with trustees to finalise valuations, bolster investment strategies and reassure worried members. Others in more challenging situations will be considering amending contribution payments, perhaps as part of a wider package of short term measures.  Given the current uncertainty, there are many possible actions, but assessing the pro’s and con’s in each individual circumstance can be difficult. In this webinar, we will talk through a number of case studies of what companies have already done, what they are currently considering, and what might lay ahead.

In these testing times for companies, we will look at how corporate sponsors have reacted to the recent Pensions Regulator guidance including reducing DB deficit repair contributions, and considering the pension implications for furloughed employees. Given the turbulent markets, investment decisions should always be on the company’s mind, and we will look at the ramifications for hedging, liquidity, and the wider asset allocation decisions.

Coming at a time when the Pension Regulator is consulting on the future of Pensions Funding, companies are understandably focused on their short-term cash requirements. However they also need to be mindful of the new rules expected in the medium term, and of course their long-term obligations. The best course of action will be highly dependent upon individual circumstances, so it is important to understand not just what others are doing – but why they considered it right for them.

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 Managing the impact of Covid-19: An action plan for companies

Managing the impact of Covid-19: An action plan for companies

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We appreciate that our corporate clients have a lot on their plate – which is why we have produced this quick action plan to help you prioritise what you need to do in relation to your company pension arrangements.

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