I am an LGBT+
ally and supporter because...

Our viewpoint

LCP recently launched its Partner Champion campaign, where leaders across the firm commit to visibly supporting one of our four Diversity and Inclusion networks. Ken Willis talks about why he was keen to be an ally for the LGBT+ network.

In short, I am an LGBT+ ally and supporter - and am visible and vocal in that role - as to do anything else is just plain wrong!

I believe in inclusion - everyone has the ability to contribute to ideas, to help solve issues, and to make the world a fun and better place.

It's only right that everyone can safely spend their time and energy focusing on what they want to do, rather than using a percentage of their effort worrying about how others might react. If I had to use say 10% of my mental energy worrying about what others thought about what I say, do or wear, I'd definitely be much less than 90% effective (and I have been known to wear some "amazing" shirts!).

I too often see and hear others make comments about my LGBT+ friends and colleagues, or just generally comments in the press - and this is wrong. We are all just the same humans living on the same small blue marble, with very common and joined up issues.

Often the way we work, or the systems we have built up around us, discriminate against areas of society or groups of individuals. But whether this is just old-fashioned habits, or more deep-rooted prejudice, it needs to be called out.

I am very fortunate my day-to-day role at LCP allows me to help transform how we work with our clients as well as internally – whether that is in the delivery of our advice or how we use technology – and I will bring the same passion and energy to being an LGBT+ ally and supporter.

So I am passionate about being an LGBT+ ally and supporter to ensure LCP, our industry and society is always inclusive. It's the 21st Century, so it shouldn't even be required - but until such time as it's not, any LGBT+ individual can count on me.