Podcast: DB Consolidators how they can offer an optimal solution to all parties

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Listen to the latest thinking concerning DB consolidators. 

In this podcast, you will hear a roundtable discussion with Gordon WatchornJon Wolff and Sam Jenkins featuring:

  • why corporate sponsors of DB pension schemes should be considering the nascent DB consolidator market;
  • which situations are most likely to be appropriate for consolidation; and
  • four examples of situations where the case for DB consolidation is likely to be most persuasive.

The podcast will be of particular interest to corporate sponsors; these solutions offer a new (and potentially less costly) route for corporates to remove pension scheme liability and the associated risk from their balance sheet.

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  • our Accounting for Pensions 2018 - Autumn report, which is referenced in the podcast.  It features an insightful section on DB consolidators (as well as other current issues that corporates should be considering now).
  • a recent blog by one of the podcast experts Sam Jenkins, which provides an introduction to this new market, as well as an overview of the two consolidators currently in the market.
Accounting for pensions 2018 - Autumn report

Accounting for pensions 2018 - Autumn report

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