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Future Pensioner Update

Welcome to the first of LCP’s Future Pensioner (FP) updates. Our FP campaign looks to lead and encourage longer-term debate and discussion around pensions saving and engagement.

In the first of our FP update’s you'll find campaign highlights including topical blogs covering big picture pension issues that are on members’ minds:

Included in this edition:

  • ‘I’d invest in something sensible’ Helen Stokes hits the high street to talk to DC savers and find out what’s important to them
  • 'Joining the dots on pensions and climate change for millennials’ Claire Jones discusses how climate change can help engage millennials with their pension pots
  • 'Artificial Intelligence: Embracing the future of pensions’ Would your members be comfortable talking to a chatbot? Alex Waite explores AI and the pensions world

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Speak to our experts Bob Scott, Claire Jones, Laura Myers or Alex Waite for more information.

Keep a look out on Future Pensioner for the latest news and views across the four strands of our campaign: