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Understanding the
Future Pensioner

Education, Savings, Technology and Future Landscape are fundamental themes that will continue to play a hugely significant role in shaping pensions that are fit for the future…

Those of us in the pensions industry have a responsibility to better understand the Future Pensioner, especially how to help the many who find retirement options and planning confusing. There is plenty that can be done to simplify and streamline the issues at play, and this responsibility extends beyond just government policymakers. 

Via Future Pensioner and tapping into the topics that often dominate headlines, LCP will explore big picture pensions issues and examine ways the industry can help to improve financial outcomes in retirement by looking at things from the Future Pensioner’s perspective.

Alongside legislation and policy changes, Education, Savings, Technology and Future Landscape are fundamental themes that will continue to play a hugely significant role in shaping pensions that are fit for the future…



‘Empower engagement’


Here we look at financial education, from the use of plain language to helping people get in tune with different savings concepts like the power of compound interest. Is the industry doing enough, at the right time, to help make pensions accessible and engaging?

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'Prepare for tomorrow, today'


From LISAs to auto-enrolment, understanding how to save for retirement is a complicated business. Are people planning for their retirement, and if so, how? What financial priorities matter most to the Future Pensioner? Have the traditional approaches to providing for retirement now gone and, if so, what have they been replaced with?

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‘Tap into tech’


From dashboards to Augmented Reality – employers and organisations are thinking of different ways to help people understand retirement planning. But do new, largely technology-based approaches to retirement planning work and how can employers best implement tech so employees are encouraged to use it effectively?

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Future Landscape

'A new pensions world'

Future landscape

By keeping watch on the future pensions landscape, the industry can better understand what today’s savers need to watch out for, and how employers and governments can help inspire pensions savers across the board to prepare for the future. Why should employers be concerned that their employees are prepared for retirement?

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