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There is growing recognition that responsible investment (RI) – incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when making investment decisions and exercising stewardship (using ownership rights to promote the long term success of investments) – can lead to better financial outcomes. However, there are still practical questions around how to do this in a sensible way.

We have been chatting with fund managers across a range of asset classes to gain insights into their approaches to ESG and stewardship. Take a look below:

RI in index-tracking equity funds

Meryam Omi of Legal & General

We need to see an ESG approach as a way to increase market efficiency, rather than ethics or personal values.

RI in a diversified growth fund

Franziska Jahn-Madell of Ruffer LLP

We believe that ESG factors are often a signal of management quality, particularly over the long term.

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RI in global bond funds

Alex Struc of PIMCO

We have incorporated ESG factors in the management of fixed income and other portfolios for decades.

RI in property portfolios

John Gellatly and Renos Booth of Aviva Investors

We encourage proactive management of ESG risk and opportunities via our managing agents, other funds we invest in and directly.

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RI in an emerging market multi-asset fund

Holger Siebrecht and Neil Tipton of Capital Group

A sustainable approach to investing is an intrinsic part of our DNA when considering both equity and debt investment opportunities.

RI in listed infrastructure funds

Rebecca Sherlock of First State Investments

We use proprietary research, with ESG fundamentally embedded, and a rigorous investment process to construct high conviction portfolios.

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RI in UK equity funds

Luke Chappell of BlackRock

We are obviously focused on delivering performance for our clients, but we also understand that we are a fiduciary to our clients.

RI in an RI-focused global equity fund

Jamie Jenkins of BMO Global Asset Management

Our approach is centred on sustainable companies that are proactively and effectively managing their ESG opportunities and risks.

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Access all our thinking on responsible investment

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