To have a great idea,
have a lot of them

Our viewpoint

With the launch this week of our latest issue of LCP Vista I couldn’t help but be reminded of Thomas A. Edison’s quote “To have a great idea, have a lot of them”.

LCP Vista gives us an opportunity to collate some of our most interesting investment ideas in one place. Often these ideas are still in very early stages of research, sometimes we have already found managers who are doing great things with them, and occasionally we end up putting them away in the “not for our clients” file. The point is that everyone across the LCP investment team is encouraged to think imaginatively about how to invest, because, when it comes to ideas, you can never have too many.

In our sixth issue our experts explain five ideas that may strike a chord with investors. I've provided a brief summary of these ideas below, but please do download the magazine to see the full articles.

  1. ‘Emerging markets – why they aren’t broken’ revisits this asset class in light of recent political events. Our view is emerging markets are still an attractive long term investment and we encourage investors to consider where they fit.
  2. Real assets cover a wide range of different property and infrastructure assets. They are extremely attractive at the moment, particularly for pension schemes looking for long-term, real cash flows. We use a pick ‘n’ mix infographic to explain the different options available.
  3. Defined contribution schemes' investment strategies are often limited to only the most liquid assets. But we feel that illiquid assets should have a place in the portfolio and have found a handful of funds that accommodate this.
  4. Trend following is a strategy that takes a completely different approach than most traditional managers. It may be quite counter-intuitive, but that also means it can be counter-cyclical and, potentially, a useful addition to a portfolio.
  5. Convertible bonds are not often used by UK investors. Are we missing something?

Access LCP Vista to read about these ideas -  click here