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Tom Porter

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I am the lead partner of LCP’s Energy Analytics department. I help my clients analyse the risk and opportunities associated with power markets through my experience of developing modelling solutions for government, regulators and industry participants. 

I designed and developed the modelling used by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to analyse the effects of the Electricity Market Reforms (EMR) on the GB power market and continue to work with a range of stake holders to analyse, plan and implement the changes required for the transitions to the new market arrangements. 

I also head up LCP’s technology and innovation including the LCP Entrepreneur programme, which gives our people the opportunity to develop new business ideas beyond our existing services. 

LCP are able to use technical knowledge to appropriately communicate relevant information to aid decision making.

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Review of the third GB capacity auction

Review of the third GB capacity auction

In this publication, in conjunction with Frontier Economics, we examine the electricity market reforms, and comment on potential areas for concern going forward.

How I can help

Bespoke model development

Developing bespoke modelling solutions to supplement in-house analysis to suit the client’s needs.

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Capacity Market and CfD advice

Strategic advice aimed at maximising the benefits and minimising the risks associated with the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference.

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Energy market forecasting

From projections for individual power plants to assessing market scenarios for wholesale prices, security of supply and emission analysis.

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Energy policy studies

Insight into how the changing policy environment can impact businesses and evidence-based recommendations to address policy uncertainties.

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Generation asset valuations

Evaluation of investment decisions taking into account all aspects of the energy market.

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Independent reviews

Independent reviews, quality assurance and benchmarking of in-house energy models to avoid the risks that complex and opaque analysis can pose.

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