Dr Mei Chan

Dr Mei Chan

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I am an epidemiologist, statistician and actuary with a diverse background in population ageing. At LCP, I work with the team to provide actionable insights to support healthcare and life science organisations facing complex health demands from ageing populations. I help organisations translate cutting edge research into practice, particularly through modelling health trajectories and analysing health impacts using real world data.

I received my PhD in Population Health from the University of Oxford, where I developed biological ages using novel high dimensional methods for disease risk prediction and communication. I have also worked in cross-industry, interdisciplinary research groups at University College London, analysing health inequalities, multimorbidity trajectories and the effects of health interventions. Prior to and during my research career, I worked in several actuarial and statistical roles at Legal & General, specialising in longevity risk.

I am a member of steering groups and committees at the intersection of health research, statistics and the actuarial profession. These roles enable me to remain at the forefront of health research and modelling techniques, and to foster innovative interdisciplinary ways of working.  

LCP have a practical way of looking at things and cut through the noise on essential issues.

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How I can help

Our health analytics approach leverages the increasing availability of data and our cutting-edge modelling approaches to put timely actionable data in the hands of key stakeholders.

We provide bespoke modelling and analytical solutions for our clients. Whatever the situation or scenario we can help provide a solution that fits your needs.

We integrate a wealth of health and health-related datasets and develop bespoke interactive visualisations to make it accessible and rapid for clients to glean insights across a range of areas.

Our work across population health analytics brings clarity to decision makers with the dual aim of improving the population’s health and reducing inequalities.

Multimorbidity, living with two or more conditions is one of the biggest challenges facing patients and health systems today. We leverage real world datasets and innovative approaches to generate evidence that identifies patient groups with the greatest unmet needs in a more holistic manner that reflects the drivers of ill health.

The majority of health systems use activity-based payments providers but this does not ensure patient and population health is at the heart of all decisions. We work with payers and providers to design and implement innovative reimbursement solutions that realign incentives to deliver value to patients and the wider health system.