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I am a partner in LCP's actuarial team with over 20 years’ experience advising a variety of companies and trustee boards on a wide range of UK pension issues, including funding negotiations, benefit design, de-risking plans, and accounting.

I use my knowledge and experience to ensure pragmatic advice is provided in a timely and easily understood manner, so my clients’ pension schemes deliver the promised benefits smoothly and efficiently.

I enjoy building close working relationships with my clients, and I’m currently assisting my clients on funding negotiations and implementing changes to benefits.

I have particular expertise within the firm on mortality and longevity, with responsibility for keeping LCP’s actuaries informed of the latest developments and trends relating to life expectancy.

In my spare time, I endeavour to run ultra-marathons and enjoy skiing, trekking and evenings of chaotic Scottish reeling with friends.

In these challenging times one has to think outside of the box. LCP do this.

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