Bart Huby

Bart Huby

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I am an actuary and senior partner at LCP. My main area of work is in pensions, where I am the appointed actuary to several large pensions schemes. I also specialise in advising in the area of pensions in public sector outsourcing, and the Government's Fair Deal guidance.

As a separate exciting new workstream, I'm involved in developing and marketing LCP's innovative soccer player recruitment tool, TransferLab, in collaboration with football consultancy AnalyticsFC.

Within LCP, I head up our Wellbeing Network, committed to helping those who work at LCP lead healthier and happier lives in an environment that is accessible to all. I'm also chair of our Conflicts and Ethics Committee, and a member of our Responsible Investment Group, with a particular interest in climate change issues.

LCP are a professional organisation, which understands the clients' needs and demonstrates the depth and creativity of its experience in the solutions it provides.

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