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I have two main principles which I stick to when helping people on pensions:

1. Talk in English rather than 'Actuarial'; and
2. Get things done on time

Everything else becomes much simpler on the back of that. The companies I work with value the responsiveness and plain-speaking way I do things, and I hope it also makes working together more enjoyable at the same time.

A measured approach in providing advice, which aims to satisfy the Trustee as a prerequisite, is balanced with considering the sponsors practical circumstances.

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My viewpoint

How I have helped our clients

Buying a multi-national business and taking on its pension commitments

The associated risk and costs of the defined benefit pension commitment being inherited had not yet been considered. This could have had a huge impact on the company’s finances. We helped our client undertake the necessary due diligence which reduced the purchase price of the M&A transaction.

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