LCP launches
online insurer pricing tracker

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Lane Clark and Peacock (LCP) has added an insurer pricing tracker to its online tool, LCP Visualise, helping clients to decide with confidence when to approach the buy-in market.

It does this by generating a range of potential pensioner buy-in prices for a DB (defined benefit) scheme, using detailed assumptions provided by the insurers themselves.

Commenting on the new feature of LCP Visualise, Clive Wellsteed, LCP partner and head of the firm's award-winning buy-in and buy-out practice, said: "When setting up an online insurer pricing tracker, the key challenge is having confidence that the prices generated are reliable.

“This is where LCP Visualise comes into its own. First, we have an in-depth insight into insurer pricing from helping clients complete 10 of the 15 buy-ins over £100m this year, meaning we can fully back-test against real-life transaction prices.

“Secondly, LCP Visualise uses detailed assumptions from leading insurers to generate more accurate estimates of pensioner buy-in pricing levels than are widely available elsewhere, helping clients to decide with confidence when to approach the buy-in market.”

For more information on LCP Visualise visit:

LCP Visualise helps pension scheme trustees and sponsors make better decisions by combining top-quality consulting, intuitive technology, and online access to facts and figures updated daily. It was launched to the firm’s client base earlier this year.

It offers clients better control over the financial future of their pension scheme. The benefits of LCP Visualise include:

  • Real-time scenario tests so clients can make quicker and better decisions on funding and investment
  • Clients can monitor their journey plan and switching triggers online, to ensure investment opportunities are seized
  • Clients can see the progress of their recovery plan daily, and what action they can take to keep on track

And now, with the new addition of the insurer pricing link, LCP Visualise enables clients to view a range of potential pensioner buy-in prices for the scheme’s liabilities, using detailed sets of assumptions provided by the insurers.