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Setting a good investment strategy and picking the right funds is fundamental for wealth managers and advisers to be able to deliver better outcomes for their clients.

Our role is to advise clients on investment strategy and fund manager selection bringing institutional discipline to the retail market. 

Technology is at the heart of our advice and we are also able to create bespoke technology solutions for clients, whether that is integrating our systems with existing technology or developing new technology to help our clients work more efficiently.

Access all our thinking on responsible investment

Access all our thinking on responsible investment

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Because focusing on long-term sustainable returns may deliver better financial outcomes.

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How we can help

We have experience helping clients implement risk-controlled investment strategies that have delivered strong returns. Our breadth of research ensures that our clients can access the right asset class and investments based on their objectives and constraints.

With equity markets at relative highs and bond yields at all time lows, we have helped our client’s investment strategies through diversification into alternative asset classes.

As people live longer, the decumulation phase of individuals lengthens and having a sound decumulation strategy is paramount. We leverage the knowledge and experience from our pensions practice that have implemented effective decumulation strategies for DC members.

Our expertise in selecting managers is backed up by our global research covering a wide array of asset classes and investment styles. In addition to our proprietary research we are supported by our global network of research partners, GIRA.

Some ways in which we can help include: risk analysis of funds and portfolios, independent fund manager selection and review, and advice around bringing investment strategies together to deliver client outcomes such as drawdown. We can also advise on bringing new investment strategies into the retail space such as private markets.

We use cutting edge technology that enables us to help you make better decisions in less time. Our advice is supported by our innovative technology, such as LCP Horizon, our one stop solution to help our clients manage Defined Contribution pension scheme, or LCP Spotlight, our real-time market monitoring tool.

In an industry which comes under increasing pressure to lower fees, we play our part in helping by ensuring we negotiate on behalf of our clients to find cost effective fund managers. Take a look at our fee survey to read more about the range of fees that institutional investors pay investment managers across different asset classes.

As Responsible investment and ESG become increasingly important to our clients, we help them understand which investment managers are ‘best in class’ through our research programme which includes industry-wide initiatives.  

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How we can help

Fiduciary management is a hot topic, and has been a focus of the recent CMA review.  We ensure that clients fully understand the pros and cons, and help them to put in place the right arrangements for their needs

We help you get your investment strategy right to ensure good member outcomes in your DB and DC schemes.

We help you make important investment decisions, and make sure that your investments are performing as you need them to.

We help our clients understand and implement responsible investment principles.

We help our clients identify technological and data led solutions to solve the issues they face. From risk modelling for pension clients to providing insight to the energy market, we use the latest cutting-edge technology to help clients make better and more informed business decisions.

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