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Our independent validation advice helps you to use your models with greater confidence and to meet regulatory requirements efficiently

Investment trends across the UK non-life insurance market

Investment trends across the UK non-life insurance market

Market review

Our review of the latest investment trends seen across the UK non-life insurance market.

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How we can help

Modelling is now a core activity for insurers, from setting regulatory capital to making strategic decisions.

But all models have limitations, and it's only by understanding them that you can use the models with confidence.

Our independent model validation advice helps your Board and other stakeholders understand and use models appropriately. 

We have provided independent model validation for over 40 insurers.  We can give you a clear assessment of how well your model stacks up against market practice.  And we can help you develop an internal validation framework and test suite that gives the greatest value for the business.

We have helped a wide range of insurers with all aspects of model validation, including:

  • Providing formal validation sign off for regulatory purposes
  • Enhancing board understanding and engagement
  • Providing independent review and challenge of the internal validation work
  • Developing and implementing robust validation test suites
  • Helping insurers keep pace with industry developments, including developing top-down validation approaches

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