Getting business
value out of Solvency II

Insurance regulation has become tougher and more sophisticated.  We can help you meet regulatory requirements in a way that adds value to the business.

How we can help

We provide expert advice on interpreting insurance regulation.  We are constantly talking to regulators and can guide you on how to anticipate challenges from them.

We can provide an independent review of your risk management framework, giving a frank assessment of how you compare to peers and identifying quick wins and longer-term improvements.

We will work alongside your team to improve processes, providing effective knowledge transfer based on our experience of best practice across the market.

How we have helped our clients

Our Getting business value out of Solvency II experts

Our latest thinking

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Capital modelling

We work with insurers to help them better understand and manage the risks they face and their capital requirements.

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Getting greater value from your data

We can help you harness your data for competitive advantage, through powerful analytics and deep industry knowledge.

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Independent reserve review

We provide an alternative, external view on the best estimate level of reserves for insurers and also help them understand the key drivers of variability around that best estimate.

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Managing risk effectively

We help our insurance clients to develop strong links between their strategy, capital management and risk management processes, improving their chances of business success.

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Validating internal models

Our business-focused approach to validation can help you be confident that your insurance models are robust, and that you are meeting regulatory requirements.

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