Getting business value
from the underwriting opinion

How we helped a client meet a regulatory requirement in a way that also strengthened the links between data and decision making.

The background

As the outsourced Actuarial Function for a large insurer, we were required by new regulations to give an opinion on the firm’s underwriting policy and practice.

A particular challenge involved trying to find a way to dynamically communicate our findings to the key decision-makers in real time, using a graphical approach to avoid the need to delve into technical models.

Our solution

We harnessed untapped historical claims data from a variety of sources and created an interactive dashboard to:

  • Show headline trends in underwriting performance
  • Highlight the factors driving the results
  • Make it possible to drill down to individual risks and claims

Our innovative use of dashboard technology enabled us to deliver the solution for our client in a very short space of time.

The results

Our client was able to meet a regulatory requirement in a way that also added real value to the business. The firm is now able to gain a better insight into its risk profile and improve decision-making.

How we can help

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Independent reserve review

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