What the SHPS
valuation means for you



The SHPS valuation is expected to reveal a higher deficit than three years ago, despite deficit contributions of c£340m having been paid into the scheme over the last three years.

Watch the webinar on demand here

Join us for our webinar where we will:

  • Set out what the results of the valuation are likely to be, and what they will mean for individual housing associations.
  • Analyse the likely impact on costs and benefit design.
  • Explore the options for employers to respond to the valuation results and to mitigate their pension risks; and
  • Give you the opportunity to put questions to our experts about the current position of SHPS and what others in the sector are doing.

Who should watch?

The webinar is suitable for finance directors and HR directors, or anyone within housing associations with responsibility for pensions.

We use Webex for our webinars - Watch  here