Enact is an advanced data integration and analytics platform for the GB and European short-term power markets, enabling traders to make more informed decisions and analysts to benchmark their assets' performance.

As the GB & European energy markets becomes more complex with increasing amounts of data to collate and analyse, LCP Enact is a one-stop shop that allows you to quickly access all the relevant data across intraday and balancing markets. The real-time platform integrates data from a variety of disparate sources to give traders and analysts one holistic, up-to-date, market view.

Bespoke dashboards allow instant interpretation and analysis of data to support real-time positioning, while dedicated screens and leaderboards allow performance benchmarking, allowing users to focus their time on what matters most. Enact also uses artificial intelligence to predict upcoming market events, allowing users to maximise profits and minimise risks in an increasingly competitive and volatile balancing market.

Real time integration and analytics from across 35 European energy markets

Real time integration and analytics from across 35 European energy markets

LCP Enact

Enact now presents a wider range of data, allowing traders to make more informed decisions on how to trade their power.

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How can Enact help you make better decisions

Trying to use data from multiple sources to respond to market changes can be really challenging. When there are sudden changes in the market you want to be able to promptly respond without losing time and energy on finding and making sense of the data. Enact can help you make sense of a range of scenarios and can help you make better strategic decisions.

 Enact can help you to:

  • Monitor historic, live and future periods with our simple Balancing Mechanism interface. Users can monitor system length and price, locational constraints, available actions, and build the stack up themselves to predict the system price.
  • Build a bespoke, live view of the GB market which gives the status of every plant, including BOA actions, positioning for headroom, plant outages and difficulties.
  • Produce a daily summary of any BMU, including Remit information, plant activity, bid offer pairs and expected revenues.
  • Create custom dashboards of market charts, plant activities and summary metrics allowing users to easily monitor an array of market data.
  • Give six hour demand, wind and NIV forecasts, to position against cash out prices, using a proprietary, fundamentals-driven model developed by LCP.
  • Benchmark your portfolio’s performance against competitors in seconds, as well as accessing our storage-specific leaderboard and benchmarking tools.

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We can help our clients with a wide range of issues from whole system modelling to individual power plant and policy impact analysis.

We advise on the optimal dispatch of assets within the wholesale market, forward planning of maintenance activities and valuation of commercial upgrades to plant.

Strategic advice aimed at maximising the benefits and minimising the risks associated with the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference.

We are experts in the demand side of the energy market, with a focus on how the energy transition impacts our clients.

We provide detailed forecasts of the GB and Irish power markets, using our EnVision modelling framework. This can provide both short-term and long-term forecasts of all key system metrics, from system wide to individual assets.

We work extensively in the Irish market, providing market modelling and analysis to investors, generation owners and governments.

Our understanding of market dynamics and modelling experience allow us to offer evidence-based recommendations on complex policy and regulatory issues that allow fully informed decision-making.

We help our clients identify technological and data led solutions to solve the issues they face. From risk modelling for pension clients to providing insight to the energy market, we use the latest cutting-edge technology to help clients make better and more informed business decisions.

We combine bottom-up unit-level modelling with market and policy insights to quantify the value and understand the risk associated with any generation asset. 

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