Energy analytics


Model review is a necessary and important part of analysis. We help avoid the risks that complex and opaque models can pose, providing decision-makers with the confidence they need in modelling results and minimising model risk.

Our team combines in-depth understanding of the policy and regulatory environment, with extensive modelling experience.

How we can help

Our expertise allows us to quickly identify the areas of highest risk in a model and recommend solutions to improve its robustness.

We can help:

  • Review model implementations, from excel spreadsheets to coded applications
  • Provide an assessment of modelling methodologies, including independent identification of key assumptions and simplifications
  • Benchmark modelling assumptions and inputs against our internal view and third-party sources
  • Verify modelling results either through independent replication or benchmarking against results produced using a comparable model

How we have helped our clients

Our Independent reviews experts

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Bespoke model development

Developing bespoke modelling solutions to supplement in-house analysis to suit the client’s needs.

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Capacity Market and CfD advice

Strategic advice aimed at maximising the benefits and minimising the risks associated with the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference.

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Energy policy studies

Insight into how the changing policy environment can impact businesses and evidence-based recommendations to address policy uncertainties.

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Energy market forecasting

From projections for individual power plants to assessing market scenarios for wholesale prices, security of supply and emission analysis.

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Generation asset valuations

Evaluation of investment decisions taking into account all aspects of the energy market.

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